LOUIS XIII Celebrates 100 Years at Temple House on South Beach

When you talk about Remy Martin's LOUIS XIII you talk about sophistication and legacy. On Wednesday night at the Temple House on South Beach, guest raised a class in celebration of Louis XIII 100th year.

This past November, LOUIS XIII launched a special project to raise awareness for global warming, and premiered a unique musical composition titled “100 Years” – The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care in Shanghai. The song was recorded and produced by Pharell Williams on a clay disc and stored in a state-of-the-art safe that is only destructible if submerged in water.


The plan is to release the song in full in 2117, however, if sea levels continue to rise at such an alarming rate due to climate change, scientists project that in 100 years a significant portion of the world’s land will be underwater – which means the record will dissolve, and the song will be lost forever. This initiative was the catalyst for a number of regional events that will benefit local environmental charities taking place in multiple cities across the first half of 2018, including Miami.

The evening hosted by LOUIS XII with Jennifer and Gabriel Montoya also benefitted the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science's Volunteers for the Environment (MUVE) Initiative.

Guest tonight included actor Carlos Ponce, Haute Living magazine publisher Kamal Hotchandani, Judge Bronwyn Miller, former NBA great Scottie Pippen, LOUIS XIII ambassador Victor Blanquart, Ocean Drive magazine's Michelle Addison, and Love & Hip Hop Miami's Michelle Pooch.

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