Cuban Hip Hop Group Orishas at the Fillmore Miami Beach

First major rap trio from Cuba, gained celebrity when they release first hit, A Lo Cubano in 1999. Orishas, or the Cuban Beastie Boys as many fans refer them as, brought US reunion tour to the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Orishas members Ruzzo Medina, Roldán González and Yotuel Romero will be taking tour to various cities including: New York, Tampa, Las Vegas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Along with a tour, the Grammy winning hip hop group is releasing a new album, “Cuba Isla Bella”. The production includes collaborations with Gente de Zona, Issac Delgado, and others.

On a side note, Yotuel Romero, is gaining some Oscar buzz for his role in 'El Acompanante', which premiered earlier this year at the Havana Film Festival.

Check out when they're coming to your city.

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